Is to give the final paint finish to articles provided by our customers. Finishing’s that range from a coating of color to an application of texture for an aesthetically visual finish.

We apply the finished coat with powder.


  • The powder coating emits a near zero percentage of environmentally contaminant compounds.
  • The powder coating can produce a thicker coat on the piece without any drips or runs during the painting process.
  • You can easily achieve effects in certain ranges of finished painting. You can also achieve a higher gloss finish, semi-gloss, matte, pearl finish, transparent and more.
  • Some of the more attractive advantages are the excellent resistance to heat, impact and abrupt changes in temperature.
  • You can achieve textured finishes, finishes that help hide imperfections.

Continuous Production System

Our continuous system allows greater production in less time than any other coating system; this is why we are committed to delivering the finished product at the time agreed upon. We provide service no matter the number of pieces to be painted; this can range from a just one specific piece to a production of more than 1000 pieces continuously.

Areas of application

Automotive.- In the automotive industry, powder coating is used for brackets, automotive accessories, and more.
Appliances.- Some of the items that have this type of coating are washing machines, microwave ovens, water heaters, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and more.
Items for the home.- Among these items are blinds, windows, moldings, chairs, decorative items door handles and hardware.
Office items.- File cabinets, metal desks, chairs, shelves and more.

There are an endless number of items with different finishes; this type of coating is applied to different kinds of metals and different kinds of items.