The whole process of powder coating may vary depending on the type of material the coating is applied to.

1.- Preparation
A process which basically consists of preparing the surface to be coated. It begins with the removal of dust and stains, it is then subjected to a wash and rinse with iron or zinc phosphate. After the rinse stage, it undergoes a period of heat drying, which ensures the surface is free of moisture.
2.- Application of Powder
In this process the piece goes through a mechanism which applies the powder to the surface , This mechanism consists of several tools which blast the powder to adhere to the piece.
3.- Curing Procedure
The curing procedure is basically the exposure of the piece at a temperature ranging from 375ºF to 400ºF. This temperature causes the powder to cure and form a strong and hard layer; thereby the piece takes on its aesthetically visual finish.
4.- Cooling
When the piece comes out of the oven (cured), it is moved to the cooling stage, where it cools to room temperature.
5.- Packaging
Once the cooling stage is complete, it is then passed on to its final stage, packaging.